March 25th, 2011

Whatever legal service you need, you have the right to be treated professionally and with care by your solicitor. There is one interesting responsibility straight from the SRA (body that regulates solicitors): make sure your solicitor explains things clearly using words you can understand and using as little jargon as possible. This is an amazing advance from what the profession used to be. You need not feel threatened about going to see your solicitor. Obvious point but in the end it’s coming out of your pocket. I am happy to say that all my clients are happy with how I explain things. I have had clients instruct me because their solicitor was not explaining things clearly. Strange but it does happen.


March 5th, 2011

I attended mediation yesturday and I was very pleased to note the parties settled. Mediation has to be attempted with an open mind. Parties need to try and put aside their differences and look at the costs of litigation. The only winners in litigation are the lawyers. All I care about is my client was happy with the outcome and has told me that he would recommed my firm.


March 5th, 2011

Litigation is all about fact finding. You need to feed your solicitor with as much relevant information as possible. It is important that you are aware your solicitor is taking a good note of your instructions throughout your case and ensure instructions are confirmed in writing. Time and time again it happens at trial that certain information comes to light at cross examination. The opposing Barrister will ask that all inclusive question “why did you not mention this before”. This can sway the scales of justice and the balance of probability against you. Your case is as good as your instructions. Make sure you provide them to your solicitor.